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[Bush/Zombie Reagan 2004]

It’s Morning in America… Again!

Difficult times call for great leaders — men of vision, strength and courage. Men like George W. Bush and the shambling, reanimated corpse of Ronald Reagan. Welcome to the official Web site of Bush/Zombie Reagan 2004, Inc., home of the new Republican presidential ticket!

The Challenges Ahead

As the first undead nominee from a major political party, Zombie Reagan is blazing new trails, just as he did in life. In our Frequently Asked Questions section, we answer some of the most common queries about the new ticket, the future role of Dick Cheney and President Bush’s latest initiative to reach out to all Americans, breathing or not.

Eat the Press

The nomination of Zombie Reagan has generated unprecedented interest from the media and the American people — the Reagan charm didn’t diminish one iota with his passage from this mortal coil. Our media page collects some of his most memorable post-mortem moments.

Get Gear

Show your support for the Bush/Zombie Reagan campaign by buying t-shirts and bumper stickers! Some of them are even made in America.

Spread the Word

The Great Communicator is back, and we’re collecting slogans that capture the spirit of the new Republican party. Read what’s there and add your own! (Last updated: June 22, 2004)

Join the Zombie Reagan Street Team!

Zombie Reagan is in the Hizzouse! And will soon be President Pro-tem of the Sizzenate. As part of our youth outreach program, the Bush/Zombie Reagan campaign is soliciting input from you, our supports, to display on this Web site. Just use a graphics editor to build Bush/Zombie Reagan pictures, wallpapers and badges and we’ll offer them to the world! (Last updated: June 21, 2004)

Get in Touch

If you’ve got questions or comments about the Bush/Zombie Reagan ticket, drop us a line. We’ll print the best messages on our letters page. (Last updated: June 22, 2004)

Thanks to the anonymous evil genius who suggested this idea. Between June 9th and 22nd, 2004, Bush-ZombieReagan.com raised over $300 for Alzheimer’s research. Thanks to everybody who helped! FP